Boxer - Adult - Male
Adoptable Traditional or underground fenced yard preferred

I came to Boxer Rebound with a number of large painful bumps all over me. The good people here took me to the vet who performed surgery to remove those nasty boyles so my skin can be nice and smooth again. I had multiple incisions and a zillion staples. I plan to wear the scars they will leave behind like badges of courage. Speaking of wearing things, if it were Halloween, you could totally dress me up like Frankenstein – pretty sure I could win a costume contest! While we are on the topic of Halloween, I’d love to be in my forever home before then. By that time, too, my fur will hopefully have grown back, and any sign of my lumps (which I am told were all benign – whatever that means) will be in the past. Regardless, I’m choosing to focus on my future – will it be with you?

Max’s back story
Max’s previous owner relinquished him to us and that’s a good thing. The owner shared that Max loves his people unconditionally but, “Does not like to be hit.” Um … does any dog? We’re committed to finding Max a new person (or persons) who will only lay hands on him to give belly rubs and Boxer butt scratchies.

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