Boxer - Male
Adoptable Fenced Yard Required

This quirky (or unconventional?) little guy has made leaps and bounds, and seriously, he can leap and bound-for JOY, when he is with his trainer, Jim.  He loves to work in class and does very well.  Mason is quick, funny, adorable, but a bit challenging to get to know because his attention span is that of a gnat.  In addition, somewhere along the lines, he was taught about stranger danger.  We don’t blame him but know it will take a very understanding owner who is willing to give him a stable and predictable environment in which to flourish.  We know that not every dog will make an instant connection with people, but anyone who takes the time to get to know him will see that he has a sparkling and very sweet personality.  This dog is for someone who is determined and willing to work for what is sure to be a very sweet reward of his forever devotion.

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