Boxer - Female
Adoptable No alligatorsNo stairs in home preferredOnly DogTraditional or underground fenced yard preferred

I believe in being fully transparent – you can see I am one good lookin’ gal (I said transparent not humble!) What you can’t see is that I am missing my left front leg. The whole leg. I’m a tripod (or, in dog language, a tripawed). No, I was not born this way. That would make for a boring story. I every bit of earned my three-leggedness as a result of a duel I had with an ALLIGATOR. Clearly, I did not win the fight, but I consider myself the victor as I did walk away (pun intended) with my life. I mean, it’s just a leg, right? Losing it hasn’t stopped me from running or playing or wiggling my Boxer butt or being able to love. Come get me and I’ll prove it to you.

Kimber’s back story
From what we can deduce, Kimber was with someone down South who did not have her best intentions at heart. A dear friend of Boxer Rebound, after A LOT of back and forth, was able to convince this person to relinquish the dog to her. She proceeded to drive double digit hours to bring Kimber to us. We are so fortunate to have good people who help us help Boxers.

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