Boxer - Male
Adoptable Fenced Yard Required

This handsome guy is a fun-loving bundle of joy if you can catch him.  Actually, his workout sessions only last a couple of minutes, then he calms down and tries to get as close as he can to his humans.  This activity suits him better anyway, as his running is somewhat limited due to his short muzzle.  Johnny is an absolute delight, who may possibly be OK with other dogs, although can be unsure, and loves kids.  He is exuberant and lighthearted as well as an attention hog.  He delights in the pleasure of life…that’s it, he thinks life should be simple and not complicated.  He certainly is not complicated.  Johnny has had training and has made some great progress with his trainer, Jim.  He just wants the basics and if a little extra attention is thrown his way, he will be as happy as a pig in slop.

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