Boxer - Female
Adoptable Fenced Yard Required

Previously posted on our website Daisy made her way into Jeannette’s heart and up to her house and had been residing there for quite some time. She misses the life she had with Jeannette, which was very structured and managed.   She did quite well with the routine and thrived under her care.  Daisy has a lot to say and if she could say anything, it would be that she is ready to live her life with a family and show the loving side that we all know she has and have seen.  She’s ready, as in she’s ready to roll now and has even had training, but would benefit from more! She needs a patient and understanding owner willing to work with her quirks.  These include being very vocal and stimulated by her environment.  However, an angel told us that she was a different dog when living at the house.  A quiet and managed household with lots of opportunities for exercise would be ideal.  Daisy would be excited for the chance to live the life she deserves.  Other dogs and kids may be a possibility.

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