Boxer - Male
Adopted Fenced Yard Required

Hold on to your hats ladies and gentlemen, this guy’s fun-o-meter is off the charts.  Talk about brightening a room…this one is a surefire cure for the winter blues or anything else that may be bringing you down.  There is only one way to go for this boy and that is up.  His background was less than desirable and he has moved way up in the world since his arrival.  Crush is perpetually happy and loves life.  He definitely fits his name and makes all the ladies swoon and the gentlemen jealous.  We are still getting know him, but so far we like what we see.  He may be OK with other dogs but training is an absolute must, as his positive yet powerful nature (and that includes his tail) needs to be harnessed in the right direction.  We think and he agrees that he is bound for greatness.  Come and meet him, he promises not to disappoint.  He will still need to be with us for awhile, but is worth the wait.

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