Adult -
Adoptable Traditional or underground fenced yard required

“Chato” is Spanish for small- or flat-faced. Given the shape of the Boxer breed’s face, Chato’s name is fitting. However, nothing about Chato is small. This fella is tall and sturdy. He has been a bit shy since coming to us, not uncommon when you find yourself in a place completely unknown to you, but is beginning to open up and let his personality shine through. Although older, he enjoys jaunts in the field and never passes up an opportunity to roll around in the soft cool grass. Chato prefers people to other dogs and, from what we can tell, is bi-lingual, understanding some basic commands in both English and Spanish.

Click here to watch a short video of Chato enjoying some time off-leash!

Chat is backstory

Sometimes loving Boxer families are faced with tough decisions. Chato’s family wanted to keep him but their living arrangements changed and did not allow for that. With nothing but Chato’s best interest in their hearts, the family brought him to us.

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