Boxer - Senior - Male
Adoptable Fenced Yard Required

The definition of a “stud” as per the Merriam-Webster dictionary:

  1. An animal kept primarily for breeding
  2. A very attractive and masculine male

If you’re looking for both, I’m Brutis and I’m your guy.  After six years of being used to bring more Boxers into the world, I’m ready to hang up my stud title. That said, I am perfectly happy to retain it for being the good-lookin’ boy I am. I prefer to keep a tougher appearance about me – think De Niro in Raging Bull. My jaw line looks like I’ve gone a few rounds and I might have left a few teeth in the ring. Truth is, I’m just a big ole’ softie who’s previously done great with kids, cats, and other dogs, but not with chickens. Put me in the ring with a chicken and I promise you a first-round knockout every time.

Adoption Application

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