Boxer - Male
Adoptable Fenced Yard Required

Good things come to those who wait!  This little prince charming is quite the goofball.  He doesn’t quite understand the waiting thing, but he is definitely not ready to walk out the door.  Bruno has been in training for quite some time and is making progress, but this young boy is far from polished.  He has many good qualities and sure is happy-go-lucky.  Nothing is going to keep this guy down, especially since he is the former inhabitant of a high-rise apartment.  He thinks he is pretty fancy and has a unique way of strutting his stuff in class, almost like he thinks he should be part of the elite class.  He is seriously full of joy though, as much as he is in need of patience and direction.  Bruno possibly has the potential of getting along with another dog and seems to like children.  Older children would be the best fit for him.  Continued training is a must, as he has many lessons to learn.  We believe he has great potential and would settle in with a family who could give him limits and a fenced-in yard to walk his fancy walk and run to his heart’s content.  ***AVAILABLE FOR FUTURE ADOPTION***

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