Boxer - Young - Female
Adoptable Only DogTraditional or underground fenced yard preferred

This girl should be named Betty Boop. She’s sweet! She’s pretty! She’s spunky! It’s as though everything she does has an exclamation point or little “boop” at the end of it. Betty loves to run and happens to be extremely good at it. She’s a charmer for sure who clearly has a zest for life. She gives off a positive energy that has an incredible effect of bringing happiness to everyone who meets her. We’re pretty sure Betty does not understand what happened to her or how she came to be with us but the best part is she doesn’t seem to care. Life goes on and Betty’s going to make the best of it. Boop!


Betty’s backstory:
Their former owners dropped Betty and Bentley off together at their vet to be boarded. And then the former owners never came back for them. The vet called us to help and that’s exactly what we did/are doing.

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