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Let’s Celebrate!

Come say “Good luck and farewell to our friends Linda & Mike!”

A Sweet Homecoming

Every now and then there’s a particular rescue that takes a little more work, patience, and arranging of multiple people that are involved in order to get things set for an incoming dog to be relinquished to the rescue as well as the future adoptive family that is awaiting a dog. That was the case for our latest adopted rescue and is an example of one of those situations. Sugar shown below with her new home/family was in a dire situation prior to coming to us. Boxer Rebound was notified from a family of Sugar’s plight. The family that notified us saved Sugar’s life. They did the best they could for Sugar, they fed her, looked after her, fixed a makeshift dog house for her-because their dogs didn’t want her in the house-so she stayed outside for 3 months while staying with the family that helped. We made arrangements to transport her to us even though we knew she was clearly a “boxer wanna-be”. The woman named her Sugar because of her sweet personality. She cared for her and tried very hard to find a place for her to go. This lovely little girl we found out through an X-ray was loaded with buckshot. Destiny hit when by chance her new mom and dad came to donate some things from their rescue Harvey(who recently had passed) and they met Sugar while she was being seen by another couple. Sugar picked them, and that was that. Now Miss Sugar has a life fulfilled of love and joy always and forever. Sometimes the best is saved for last. Thank you to all who are and were apart of Sugar’s process in finding her new beginning.

Our Latest Homecoming Story

Our most recent homecoming story starts with Tater. Tater went home in late April with his long time trainer and partner Sue Unruh. They both trained together for years. Sue is one of our wonderful volunteers and trainers who is valued highly at our rescue. Tater was one of our dogs that needed a very specific home and Sue fit the bill. Tater has been doing just great in his new setting!

Future Adoption Availability

Currently our website does not show ALL of our dogs that we have. It is due to the high flow of dogs coming in to our rescue are not ready to be adopted out at the present moment. Our rescue takes in the dogs and first takes care of their medical needs, then they attend our obedience class and are trained by our experienced volunteer trainers to rehabilitate them for a better chance in their future homes and families. All the while we are able to get to know their personalities and temperaments which gives a better fitted placement. This all takes time, so please hang in there and fill out an application, for our boxers are…………….

*works in progress!

2018 Boxer Rebound Christmas!

On the rare occasion Boxer Rebound Rescue volunteers get the chance to get together blow off some steam, share some laughs, and have a much needed regroup without the k9s. This year we wanted to share with everyone holiday pictures of all the caring, hardworking, and lovely people who are the backbone for all of our boxer rescues.

Boxer Rebound Rescue Christmas tree