The ultimate goal for all our Boxers is permanent placement in homes. All adoption applicants are carefully screened to determine whether they can provide a suitable environment and proper care for one of our Boxers. Interviews are by appointment only. Several visits may be required
before dogs are released, particularly when there are children, other dogs and/or cats in the household. Precautions are always taken to ensure compatibility with children and pets. All immediate family members are expected to meet with the chosen Boxer before the dog goes home. Where there is another dog in the household introductions are performed at our facility, usually on the second visit. Where there is a cat in the household we will cat-test the dog using our resident volunteer test cat.


  • We do not place Boxers outside our operating area. We primarily place in areas within reasonable driving distance from Ringwood, IL. These areas include Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. WI residents please contact Green Acres Boxer Rescue. We absolutely do not place dogs in distant States.
  • We require securely fenced yards for the majority of our Boxers. Invisible brand underground fences are acceptable. We seldom place our dogs in apartments, condos or townhomes. Exceptions may be made when we feel we have Boxers suitable for those environments.
  • Our Adoption Contracts include a provision requiring that the adopted Boxer be returned to us should the adoption prove unsuccessful for any reason. Adopted Boxers may not be transferred to any other party.
  • A three-page adoption application is available by clicking on the button below. Print out and complete the application and email it to or Vanessa at If you prefer, you may mail it to the address listed on the application itself. When we receive it a volunteer will call to answer questions and arrange a visit.

Our commitment to our Boxers does not end with placement. All adopters are encouraged to maintain contact with us throughout the life of their dog.

Adoption Application

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