Yes, children help too!

It’s truly amazing what a difference it makes in the world when children are brought up in an environment that encourages selfless acts in their values. These children tend to grow into individuals that volunteer to help out in communities and organizations with no expectations of receiving anything in return for their efforts other than knowing they helped better someone or something’s life in some way. So here we would like to cast the spot light on a little girl named Ava who has demonstrated the description above.

Ava had a farm stand this past summer, she earned a total of $300, after seeing a rather sad commercial with sick, homeless dogs and cats she decided she wanted to donate 1/2 her earnings to help these kinds of animals. Heather, Ava’s mother, helped Ava make that donation this past week, along with one of our wonderful clients, Sandee, that volunteers with us was there, and our directors of our great rescue Jeannette and Sandy, were all on hand to accept Ava’s hard earned donation. Our rescue may be biased, but we feel the world would be a much better place with kindhearted children like Ava and loving, caring people like Sandee, Jeannette and Sandy in it!! A BIG THANK YOU to all who visited Ava’s farm stand this past summer, feel good to know that you also helped as well!!!

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